Alpha Omega Stables, 242 Green Street Somersworth, NH. 03878
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Alpha Omega Stables
is located in Somersworth NH, We lease 11 Stalls at the wonderful Hilltop Equestrian Center.
BED AND BREAKFAST CARE FOR YOUR HORSE: Here at Alpha Omega Stables we take pride in caring for your horse. Gail has had horses most of her life, for over 45 years, and has had from one to three at a time. She has had to board them, and from experiences in Ohio and New Hampshire has learned quite a bit about boarding. This has given her knowledge of what boarders like and dislike. So when she opened her own boarding facility she wanted to make sure that her boarders would not be dealing with some of the not so good things that she has disliked for so many years. So, in December of 2014, she opened AOS. Located at Hilltop Equestrian Center, AOS leases 1/2 of the barn. This is a great facility with a lot of amenities that only a larger facility can give you. AOS is only boarding 10 horses, so we can give that special care that you want for your horse. Horses at AOS are on a set schedule, grain is fed at 6:45 a.m. We are feeding Nutrena. After much research on grains, we find this to be a more expensive but a very good grain. At 8 to 8:30 they go out to paddocks, separate paddocks for mares and geldings. Hay is given at that time with many piles to keep everyone happy. Lunch hay is given, and hay amounts will be adjusted when paddocks are green with grass. There is aLways fresh water in the paddocks, checked throughout the day, even in the winter. When horses are brought in they are fed an alfalfa mash, then their grain and after that hay. Night check is around 8pm. Water buckets are topped off and night hay is given. Stalls are cleaned, limed and bedded every day, water buckets scrubbed each day, and feed buckets cleaned at least twice a week or as needed. Horses are treated with love and have personal attention, paying attention to anything unusual. You can learn more about the facility by going to the web site of Hilltop Equestrian Some of the amenities are heated indoor, trails, outdoor arenas, clinics, lessons, function room, viewing room, shows, special events. All riding disciplines are welcome. Thank you for taking the time to check us out. For any questions,

please call Gail at 603-834-1266.
Alpha Omega Stables, 242 Green Street Somersworth, NH. 03878